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Welcome to Ray School Gradebook For Parents

Parents can now play a more active role in their child(ren)'s academic life.
The new CPS IMPACT Parent Portal provides the following features:

-Parents can use the portal to view grades and attendance online.
-Parents can view course syllabi, assignments, class descriptions, and several kinds of notes and comments from teachers.
-Parents can receive alerts regarding students' grades and attendance.
-Parents can access all of their students' profiles (regardless of school) with a single account.
-You can check the status of student grades at any time.

Please remember that the grades that you see posted on the Web site might not include all assignments or tests that have been completed by your child. As teachers complete the grading of assignments and tests in their online gradebook, it updates information displayed on the portal. If you have questions about assignments and tests, please contact the teacher.

Parents will be responsible for establishing an account. Once your account has been established, you will be asked to provide both your student's CPS student identification number (which can be found on the front of the report card), as well as a parent portal personal identification number (or PIN) to link to your student's record. In order to maintain the highest level of security of student information, parents must come to school to receive the PIN number during regular school hours. The school will not be able to provide any student information over the telephone.

Click on the below link to access the sign in page:

We look forward to working with you through this new tool. Should you have any questions about the Gradebook Parent Portal, please email Ms. Cobb at mtcobb@cps.edu

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How To's

To download detailed information about the Gradebook Parent Portal, please click the link below:


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