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History of Ray School

The Ray School building has a long history. It was constructed in the 1890's. Originally it housed the Hyde Park High School, but around the time the Hyde Park Village was annexed to the City of Chicago the current Hyde Park High opened leaving the building available for an elementary school.

Who was William H. Ray?

Mr. Ray was the principal of the Hyde Park High School way back in 1886! The school at the northwest corner of 50th st. and Lake Park Ave., then known as Lake Ave. At that time the High School building housed the elementary classes as well, and Mr. Ray supervised them both.

100 Years of Excellence!

The school has had a long legacy of academic achievement. The school "Report Card" can be viewed to access information about our demographics, progress and how we do compared to schools state wide.

*The information here and the dates on the accompanying timeline were gathered from an article furnished to us from the Hyde Park Historical Society Newsletter Volume 18 Numbers 1 & 2

Ray Timeline


Hyde Park High was dedicated, William H. Ray was principal.


Columbia Exposition: Tracks at Lake Park are elevated. Building is constructed.


Hyde Park Village annexed to City of Chicago: Mr. Ray dies in July. Miss Hattie A Bururts takes over principalship of Hyde Park High after Ray's death.


William H. Lawrence is first Principal of Ray Elementary School prior to the move to the current site.


Mr. Arthur O. Rape Principal at the time the school moved to it's current sight on March 13, 1914.


South Playground constructed (now the new building)