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Teacher Roster and Contact List 2013-14

Class Teacher's Name Room # Email
Principal Megan Thole Main Office mmthole@cps.edu
Administrator Elena Savoy Main Office esavoy@cps.edu
Adminisrator Margaet Tolbert Main Office mtolbert@cps.edu
Pre-K Ms. Heiser 411 mmheiser@cps.edu
Pre-K Ms. Smith 405 bsmith4@cps.edu
Pre-K Ms. Robinson 413 tarobinson1@cps.edu
Hearing Impaired Ms. Gordon 213 lmgordon@cps.edu
KDG Ms. Prasad-Heintz 102 ssprasad-hei@cps.edu
KDG Ms. Maltz 104 rmaltz@cps.edu
KDG Ms. Ralph 101 amralph@cps.edu
1st Ms. Horgan 114 slhorgan@cps.edu
1st Ms. Weinberg 112 rgraham2@cps.edu
1st Ms. Hall 115 hahall@cps.edu
2nd Ms. Sheridan 214 gsheridan@cps.edu
2nd Ms. Webb 212 mmwebb@cps.edu
2nd Ms. Clement 215 jmclement@cps.edu
3rd Ms. Markert 204 akmarkert@cps.edu
3rd Ms. Garcia 202 cdgarcia@cps.edu
3rd Ms. Annorh 201 caannorh@cps.edu
4th Dr. Toney-James 206 mrtoney@cps.edu
4th Ms. Wejman 207 jmwejman@cps.edu
4th Ms. Pitts 209 lapitts1@cps.edu
5th Ms. Krecik 314 agkrecik@cps.edu
5th Ms. Lemberis 312 etlemberis@cps.edu
5th Ms. Jack 315 pjjack@cps.edu
6th Science Ms. Glassco 302 alsneed1@cps.edu
6th/7thSocial Studies Ms. White 310 rnwhite@cps.edu
6th/7th Language Arts Ms. Johnson 307 snjohnson7@cps.edu
6th/7th Math Mr. Papczun 301 pcpapczun@cps.edu
8th Ms. Show-Nobles 309 krshow@cps.edu
8th Ms. Shokunbi 304 foshokunbi@cps.edu
Multi-Sensory Ms. Kane 511 mpkane@cps.edu
Multi-Sensory Ms. Breit 304 msbreit@cps.edu
Special Education Mrs. Hatten 510 dara.hatten@gmail.com
Special Education Ms. Chapman 305 kbchapman@CPS.EDU
Special Education Ms. Ready 502 RFOCZKO@cps.edu
Hearing Impaired Teacher Ms. Price 208 ycprice@cps.edu
Case Manager Ms. Rogers 107 bkrogers@cps.edu
Audiologist Ms. Cole 303 prcole@cps.edu
Speech Pathologist Ms. Schreiner 105 mkschreiner@cps.edu
School Social Worker Ms. Lentino 105 jlentino@cps.edu
Nurse Ms. Huff 423 gchuff@cps.k12.il.us
Physical Therapist Ms. McGurk-Mensah 205 bmmcgurk-mensah@cps.edu
School Psychologist Ms. Bermudez 423 abermudez6@cps.edu
Occupational Therapist Ms. Wall 303 tbwall@cps.edu
Art Ms. Dana 503 ldana@cps.edu
Librarian Ms. Collins 515 lscollins@cps.edu
Physical Education Ms. Jones 516 sdjones24@cps.edu
Physical Education Ms. Perez Gym amperez3@cps.edu
Spanish Mr. Walter 512 wlwalter@cps.edu
ELL Ms. Sumbal 106 asumbal@cps.edu
After School Fun Jennie Abella   jaabella@cps.edu
PTA Mrs. May 205 lwmmay75@yahoo.com